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OUR Development PROCESS

Whether you're looking to identify, design, or build your next multifamily project, Digs Management can help advise or fulfill your vision.


Leveraging the decades of experience as experts in the acquisition and growth of performing assets, Digs Management has begun to oversee end to end ground up development.  Whether you are looking for advice or a financial partnership, do not hesitate to give us a call. 


With a combined 30 plus years of experience in identifying optimal locations for multifamily assets, Digs Management has the capability to leverage market and internal data to make recommendations on where to invest your capital. Our primary focus is in the Western United States.


Part of our methodology is to design buildings with long-term ownership in mind.  This means that we will design buildings that appeal to a large renter basis while minimizing the operational expenses.  We manage a portfolio of multifamily assets and understand how to maximize a return in this space.


Digs Management has the first hand experience to help navigate you through the complex process of building multifamily investments. 

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