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We have a knack for identifying and capitalizing on under-performing multi-family properties by managing them diligently. Utilizing technology, we create innovative, forward-thinking solutions that tenants seek and desire and deliver both time freedom and financial results for our investors.



President, Founder

As president and founder of Digs Management, Brent is responsible for overseeing the growth and management of both his and clients' investments.

While studying business at Pepperdine University, Brent worked at a community bank, writing commercial real estate loans, and it was here he truly learned the power and opportunity of real estate investing. In 2011, he bought his first investment property: an 11 unit complex in West Hollywood. He then went on to get his MBA and Master's in Public Policy at Pepperdine with a focus on real estate investment, social policy and corporate finance. After graduating Brent went on to work as a management consultant for Fortune 500 and Private Equity clients all while growing his multifamily portfolio.

Now, with over 100 doors, Brent hopes to bring his 15 years of experience in both consulting and investing, as well as his technical expertise to help build and refine others' portfolios. 

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Head of Operations

As head of operations, Veronica oversees the leasing, accounting, maintenance, and tenant coordination of all properties under Digs Management. 

With over twenty years of experience as a leasing agent and manager, Veronica brings an expertise and knowledge of operating successful multi-family properties. Her attention to detail and focus ensures both tenants and owners' expectations are exceeded. Whether its filling a vacancy, coordinating with contractors, and maintaining records on rent collections - Veronica has it covered!

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